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An automotive repair shop dedicated to providing a true service to the community that it is within. We work on all makes and models of cars and trucks, diesel and gasoline. Perform services from oil changes to engine overhauls and everything in between.

It is no secret that the title of this business to many is considered a paradox but our goal is to produce a service that is trustworthy in a line of business where, for a customer, is hard to find. I earned an associates degree in automotive and diesel technology in March of 2004 and I have worked in several automotive services including dealerships, independent shops, and nascar race teams.

Working within all of these past environments one of the things I never felt I was able to do is offer a real “service” to the customer. Whether it was an extremely high labor rate or questionable service, I never felt as though the business was really caring for the person. One thing Concord/Harrisburg North Carolina probably doesn't need is another automotive repair shop but one thing the people need is a trustworthy mechanic.

My Honest Mechanic is here to be a true service to the community that it is within. A place that people can take their automobile to be serviced and be excited about doing so because they trust the work that is being done and the person that is doing it.

-Brandon Todd

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