State Vehicle Inspection

We can take a look under the hood

Come to My Honest Mechanic the next time your vehicle needs its state motor vehicle safety inspection or auto emissions test. Many of our customers combine their state inspection with an oil change or other scheduled maintenance.

Check your vehicle registration date and schedule your next North Carolina safety and emissions test with us.

Basic Oil Change Service

We take care for your vehicle

Change the engine oil and filter

Add the specified amount of oil and the proper viscosity recommended for your engine

Lubricate chassis (when applicable)

Perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle, which includes checking all fluids, air pressure, brakes, and suspension components

Dispose of your old oil according to EPA regulations


General Auto Repair

We can fine-tune your car

MHM is pleased to offer a wide variety of the most commonly requested auto maintenance and auto repair services which include: oil changes, brake services, timing belt replacements, A/C services, tune-ups, and many more.

We also specialize in several types of auto repair services, including engine repair, transmission repair, diesel car and truck diagnosis and repair.